You Think You Can, But You Can’t

you think you can, but you can't

When I watched the YouTube video about Descartes philosohpy on Mind, Body and Soul connection, I was thinking: You think you can, but you can’t.

Descartes shows us that we cannot make our body act according to our mind directly, but with the permission of the body. We can’t control many things in our body, for example: we can’t control how our heart beat, our blood flow, and even how we breathe.

Here’s the lecture I was referring to:

It’s a long lecture. It’s quite funny how YouTube comment can’t accept this philosophy and the lecturer just shoo them and basically telling them if they can’t accept others point of view, they need not to learn about philosophy. Right hit on the nail.

Descartes mentioned about soul, which was translated into electricity that travels across our body. Descartes uses “animal spirit” in order to demonstrate this. Our modern world no longer believes any animal spirit, so electricity is used to simplify the process. Other things he skipped about is the way health back there was mentioned.

So, first thing I remembered about this lecture is how we perceived things. Through our senses, comes into our body and send it to our mind. This will be processed in the brain and translated into emotions.

The body can send information to itself and to the soul/mind and vice versa, the mind can also send information to itself and to the body.

However, I think the mind cannot directly command the body. The body is acting as a robot, which implant the gene that passed through generations. It has many reasons why it doesn’t want to be interrupted by the mind so it must be why evolution occured, less and less for our control and more robotic and mechanical is our world has become.

The body cannot tell the difference between the truth and the lies, and cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is not. They can only interpret based on what our senses are. For example, a blind man who cannot see will not see a hole in front of him and avoid it, unless he uses other senses to locate the hole. A man who can see can see the hole and tell the body to avoid it.

This makes free will obselete and predestination is more of a favor for Descartes. So, in essence, you think you can, but you can’t if your body doesn’t allow it.