The Hunt

Yesterday I watched a cool video about The Hunt from BBC which showed how a flying fish is being hunted by birds and bigger fish. This is a great example of how live works.

This video is perfectly described how to live your life, where predators are everywhere and we must dodge them all in order to live. A constant life and death situation will occur everyday but we don’t notice it until it’s too late.

Just imagine if we were a flying fish.

If we fly too high, we will die because of being eaten by flying bird up above.
If we swim too deep, we will also die because of being eaten by a bigger fish.

The end result is the same: DEATH

Can we survive through this meaningless life?
Why not surrender and die? Why not suicide?

The flying fish, don’t always have control of her wings to fly, because the wind doesn’t always work according to her expectations.

The flying fish, also don’t always have control of his fins because water doesn’t always work according to her expectations.

However, we can survive…by giving MEANING to this life.

Giving meaning that life is a constant struggle. The end result is doesn’t matter. The most important thing is we enjoy the process, the struggle.

Who knows that the flying fish is actually happy in her escape?

Enjoying the view, the bird, the fish, the flight, the swim.

Unworthy? The flying fish doesn’t think that the hunt is unworthy.

Albert Camus, in his essay The legend of Sisyphus mentioning that we are all in constant struggle between life and death, and the only thing that we can survive through this situation is by being happy. By giving the meaning to this life, and goes through this life no matter how hard, how painful and how sick it is.

The nature is evil. The nature is catastrophic, where we hardly can control anything inside it. But that’s what makes nature is such a beautiful thing. We can expect something to happen, but the end result will remain mystery.

Just survive and enjoy the ride while we can.