Modern Monasticism: Community


Monasticism is described as a religious living style, which is limited to community with the same interest and same gender. It’s a way of living outside of life itself, where they form a new order just to getaway from distraction: romantic life and fun.

Although it’s been centuries since the first monasticism where people with the same religion gather under the same roof and share all the things they have, in order word: communism, but modern monasticism is also found everywhere, of course with connection to the world, not isolated into a particular geographic location.

If older monasticism prevents any social contact with the world, then modern monasticism is different. They not only have a connection to the outside world, but also they also allow romantic relationship and not under the same roof.

But the rule of monasticism is still applied. They have leaders to bring forth the rules, and followers who have the same interest to follow the rules.

Modern monasticism is even better than older because it helps people to connect with other people with the same interest, often times business. It helps to eliminate distraction, to stay focus and get help from other people in the community. That is why it’s so beneficial to social world and still alive in the modern world.

Business relationship has become evolve in this modern world, where not many can gather as often as used to be, and can only be found online. Although digital appearance is more intense now than before, physical appearance will always there to meet up with other people and talk about business, eventhough they also talk about it online.

Monasticism is a cure for boredom and a way to getaway from the busy life, where we often distracted by many things and stressed out because of things that we cannot handle. We can get advice and share the things we face to other people in the community and get along. This is a great example of monasticism in modern world, which we should nourish and care about. You might get great benefit from it, by not disconnecting the world, but focusing in your community.