Modern McCarthyism


I felt the need to write this kind of thing, eventhough this might upset some people. McCarthyism is a belief that everything is black and white. That is strange how many people operate like this way. They perceived anything as duality, which is really bad because they wouldn’t know the difference between the truth and not truth because what they only see is absolutes in extremes.

Extremes is not good for our lives, because it separates any person into two dimensional characters, which is not the way it should be. People should be known for their complex personality, not just one or two and describe it as the whole thing the person has.

Nowadays, you can see modern McCarthyism everywhere, from terrorist bombing and political issue where left wing and right wing were divided into two extremes just to get followers and votes.

Of course, what even matter is their money, their political stance and also what they believe. People don’t want their beliefs to be destroyed, because they can only live in their fantasy world, afraid of waking up to the reality world.

In the Crucible, Witchcraft was the symbol of Communism, where Capitalists are defined as Good, or God, and Communism is defined as Evil, or Lucifer.

It’s no wonder how we can be divided easily by using divide et impera, which is an old strategy in war where enemies are divided and conquer from the inside. That is how our modern world operates.

The cure to this problem is very easy, but not everyone will be able to grasp and implement it. The only way to cure is by seeing from both sides, and not believing that anything is in their extreme situations.

To make things more complicated, often times religion will block any person from perceiving that what bad things is not really bad, but think of rainbows. The total is white, but consists of many colors. That is how life really are, a bunch of shades of colors. Extremes are exists, but only a fraction of it, not all persons are bad. But only a handful are.