Luck in Business Decoded

luck in businessAs many people says, luck is when opportunity meets preparation. There’s a lot of truth in there, for example if you don’t ready when the opportunity comes, how can you do it if you don’t have the skill?

Problem with Luck in Business

However, I had some little problem with luck in business. If we haven’t already because there is no preparation, how come an event can be called an opportunity in the first place? We just skip it because it doesn’t interest us and because we cannot do it.

Many people only see what they want to see, so there are many hidden objects out there. Often the hidden things are the one to look out for, but unfortunately for the lack of skills or resource, we often miss them and not count them as an opportunity.

Opportunity will come and go, but it is our choice to receive it or not.

Daniel Kahneman once said that when you group many success people together, you will only get LUCK as their primary similarities.

Luck is defined as characteristic that derives from gene, that cannot be changed. I personally don’t believe it because luck can be trained.

Google Engineer Barnaby James writes on his blog, saying that skill will put you more bets on the table, but will not guarantee the results.

Of course I also don’t agree that luck is comparable to gambling. Gambling will take away your luck because of mathematical success. Gambling is conditioned by the machine as it will grant rewards after certain probability. But luck, is more complex than that.

I personally regard luck with the quantum theory, which states that if we interact with the system, it will change. So there is no way to get exact event in the future and knowing that it will happen.

This is very frustrating. Why take chances if it will not happen?

Luck in Business Decoded

Perhaps the most accurate way to describe it is by learning from Taylor Swift on her smah hit song “Shake It Off”

We just have to shake it off when bad things come, embrace it and go on to search for the working one, a.k.a the luck one.

So in nutshell, in an indifference world…we work, go home, get salary then spend it and go to work again…we have to life the life to fully accept the things that we cannot have meaningful life, so why not searching a better one, even it’s only an illusion?

At least we have a legacy to pass the knowledge on the next generation.