Ignorance is Bliss. But bliss is Boring

ignorance is blss

Ignorance is Bliss. Is it?

I remembered when I went to our favorite restaurant for a dinner with my wife. Usually we go to the restaurant for launch, not when it is dark. They have many selections of great food. They tasted great, but I think Paradox of Choice applies.

The restaurant has too many selections of food. Paradox of Choice told us that if many things can be chosen, we tend to choose what’s on popular. In other word, herd mentality. However, when we choose other than popular, the restaurant makes even more money because they are using ingredients that are not frequently used.

So, we chose favorite or popular menu based on the logic. However, when presented the food, we quickly ate it and notice something really strange.

Rats are running around the floor. It was not very crowded, so not many visitors were paying attention other than food. I wonder why people are going upstairs instead in the bottom floor. Now I know why.

Rats even seen climbing on the roof. This made our appetite vanished. So we quickly ate and leave the restaurant and vowed never come again.

What’s the point of this experience?

First of all. Paradox of Choice always applies on picking things because of too many choices. You must choose the most popular because they are always fresher than the one that’s not popular on the list. Especially when choosing foods and perishable goods.

Second of all. Herd mentality sometimes is a blessing. You should question why people are going upstairs instead of on the first floor. Because of rats!

Third of all, Ignorance is Bliss. But bliss is boring. We might already know the paradox of choice and herd mentality, but ignorance of something going on the kitchen, how dirty it is to prepare the food, or the fact that rats running around when we ate…are not boring.

Truth hurts, but we cannot live without experiencing pain.