Amazon ASIN Database for Online Trading

Are you about to purchase some products online from Amazon but you do not have any idea of its coding system? Or are working on market monitoring by accessing Amazon ASIN database for such complete and reliable product list? Whether you want to sell products, investigate products or purchase products from this largest retail site, you need to know how to gain access to its product database using Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN). Amazon is at first a well choice since it is well-known worldwide and provides almost all kinds of product online. As for the next stage, understanding its coding system, the ASIN will be helpful for you in investigating and finding the best product.

Functions of Amazon ASIN database

Understanding Amazon product coding system is worthy for both product selling or buying. ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) is a unique product coding using ten digits barcode. Such barcode specifies a product, its manufacturers, as well as its attributes. ASIN serves many functions more than for product identification. First of all, ASIN helps find product and its information within catalogue of Amazon. When you want to investigate certain product, including its specification, functions, quality, price and deliver service, you can gain access of information using the ASIN. The reason is that ASIN allows you access to Amazon database from around the world. With such access you can better find the products that meet your criteria. Second, ASIN functions as a database access for market monitoring. You will deal with such product coding a lot when you are running online retail business and you want to be well-informed. Amazon stands as the largest retail organization in America with worldwide affiliates in South America, Europe and Asia. Moreover, Amazon provides wide range of products, starting from book to furniture and electronic device. Such database access to such worldwide reliable database will be beneficial for retail business within your local region. Lastly, ASIN can be converted to other different coding system. When necessarily similar product has different coding in different region or different organization, ASIN can be converted to maintain to access such product. There are a lot of sites and converter provider to help you convert ASIN to UPC or EAN, allowing you access from different region with different coding system to Amazon ASIN database.

How to lookup ASIN in database

There are several ways to gain ASIN to Amazon database or catalogue. First, you can find ASIN on In this case, you need to access and find the information page of your demanded product. In the information page of the product, you will see the provided ASIN for the product, consisting of ten digit barcodes. Such ASIN can be used to look up product detail information in Amazon database or catalogue. Second, you can find such ASIN in Amazon affiliates’ sites. Similarly you will get the ten digit barcode of particular product to be used in purchasing or investigating catalogue. Lastly, you can access other retail organization for such product, but you need to convert Amazon ASIN database into other coding system to make database accessible.