Acting on Bad Faith


I remembered years ago when I joined an MLM company. They taught me how to handle rejections. The best way to handle rejections is by calling them maximum to seven times until they said NO on all of the attempts. God knows, maybe they are going to accept the invitations when we ask hard enough.

Most of us, feeling that we are behind the bars, in jail. The world seems to be a big giant jail for all of us. Humanity seems nothing compared to other stars in the galaxy, billions away from Earth.

When we are presented to business opportunity, many times we feel that we are in jail, limiting our own choices. We said that we can’t do it, we are not smart enough, we are not skilled enough, etc.

It’s easier to just accept the job and limiting our choices and happy with it than exploring new territory with unarmed weapon. This is, acting on bad faith.

Bad Faith

Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir said that we are often acting on bad faith when we are presented a sheer pressure from society and have to accept false value and disregard our own freedom. This way we act unauthentically, the opposite of bad faith is authentic.

The philosophers said that this is self deception, which limiting our choice where it should be free.

People who are in a jail are the same as the one that are not in jail.
People who are rich are the same as the one who are poor.

If you can’t think of it, lets examine what choices a person who are behind the bar:

  1. They can continue to live to pass the time and finally out of jail.
  2. They can kill themselves by suicide.
  3. Or they can escape.

Our choices might be limited, but others who are not in jail are also have limited choice. They can run, but they cannot fly. Sure they can use an airplane, but they themselves cannot fly like a bird.

Our choices are limited, but we are free. Free to make our own choices as we are not behind the bars. Only your mind are behind the bar, so break free.

I know it sounds cheesy, but I like this song which illustrate how we can break free: