A New Home

a new home

It’s my new home. It is really exciting on moving on to a new home, new hosting and start from scratch. Let Google be the one to witness this moving out, so we can discussing all the things that come into our mind, together.

I remember how it felt when we moved to a new house, it was so exciting because we used to live in an apartment. So when we bought a new home, the feeling was priceless.

Although the feeling wouldn’t last long because we need to pack and unpack the things we had in the apartment. Luckily, the distance between old apartment and our new house is not very far away, so moving out was a bliss.

The first thing when we move in was to schedule all the things we need to do, instead of just leaving all the things unpacked.

As the new blog, here’s my list:

Consistent Writings

I will consistently write on this blog, although I have more issue and work to do. I will spend some time nurturing and make connections to my readers. Of course it wouldn’t happen overnight, but rather a long journey I can’t wait to experience.

No Limits

I won’t limit any categories of writings, instead I just write whatever things that came into my mind. I’d say that’s the purest way to writing new things. Exploring and trying all sort of things that came into my brain.

What I Love

I will share my experience about love, relationships, science, astronomy and even philosophy. I also love watching movies, reading books and novel.

Books and Movie Reviews

Ocassionally I watch movie on Netflix and read books online. I don’t read physical books that often because of my schedule that needs to behind computers all day long. But if I had a chance, I’d go to bookstore and buy some book and will tell you anything interesting about it and how I perceived it to be used in a real life. I love getting things not literally, but the hidden meaning of them.

So there you go, I’ll leave the rest to be decided later on as I will busy preparing things for this blog from now on.

Stay tuned and stay strong! Love Lanke