Modern McCarthyism


I felt the need to write this kind of thing, eventhough this might upset some people. McCarthyism is a belief that everything is black and white. That is strange how many people operate like this way. They perceived anything as duality, which is really bad because they wouldn’t know the difference between the truth and not truth because what they only see is absolutes in extremes.

Extremes is not good for our lives, because it separates any person into two dimensional characters, which is not the way it should be. People should be known for their complex personality, not just one or two and describe it as the whole thing the person has.

Nowadays, you can see modern McCarthyism everywhere, from terrorist bombing and political issue where left wing and right wing were divided into two extremes just to get followers and votes.

Of course, what even matter is their money, their political stance and also what they believe. People don’t want their beliefs to be destroyed, because they can only live in their fantasy world, afraid of waking up to the reality world.

In the Crucible, Witchcraft was the symbol of Communism, where Capitalists are defined as Good, or God, and Communism is defined as Evil, or Lucifer.

It’s no wonder how we can be divided easily by using divide et impera, which is an old strategy in war where enemies are divided and conquer from the inside. That is how our modern world operates.

The cure to this problem is very easy, but not everyone will be able to grasp and implement it. The only way to cure is by seeing from both sides, and not believing that anything is in their extreme situations.

To make things more complicated, often times religion will block any person from perceiving that what bad things is not really bad, but think of rainbows. The total is white, but consists of many colors. That is how life really are, a bunch of shades of colors. Extremes are exists, but only a fraction of it, not all persons are bad. But only a handful are.

The Hunt

Yesterday I watched a cool video about The Hunt from BBC which showed how a flying fish is being hunted by birds and bigger fish. This is a great example of how live works.

This video is perfectly described how to live your life, where predators are everywhere and we must dodge them all in order to live. A constant life and death situation will occur everyday but we don’t notice it until it’s too late.

Just imagine if we were a flying fish.

If we fly too high, we will die because of being eaten by flying bird up above.
If we swim too deep, we will also die because of being eaten by a bigger fish.

The end result is the same: DEATH

Can we survive through this meaningless life?
Why not surrender and die? Why not suicide?

The flying fish, don’t always have control of her wings to fly, because the wind doesn’t always work according to her expectations.

The flying fish, also don’t always have control of his fins because water doesn’t always work according to her expectations.

However, we can survive…by giving MEANING to this life.

Giving meaning that life is a constant struggle. The end result is doesn’t matter. The most important thing is we enjoy the process, the struggle.

Who knows that the flying fish is actually happy in her escape?

Enjoying the view, the bird, the fish, the flight, the swim.

Unworthy? The flying fish doesn’t think that the hunt is unworthy.

Albert Camus, in his essay The legend of Sisyphus mentioning that we are all in constant struggle between life and death, and the only thing that we can survive through this situation is by being happy. By giving the meaning to this life, and goes through this life no matter how hard, how painful and how sick it is.

The nature is evil. The nature is catastrophic, where we hardly can control anything inside it. But that’s what makes nature is such a beautiful thing. We can expect something to happen, but the end result will remain mystery.

Just survive and enjoy the ride while we can.

Prioritizing Positivity

prioritizing positivity

Today I watched a great movie with my family called Inside Out. The movie called forth a kid called Riley which is on the edge of her 11st birthday. Inside her head, these little creatures, or emotions, help Riley go through her everyday lives.

Basic Emotions

The emotions are: Joy, Anger, Sadness, Disgust, and Fear.

I believe this is based upon Oatley and Johnson-Laird theory on basic emotions, except Fear is actually Anxiety.

So the main emotions on this little kid is Joy, which is usually do when we were kids. We experienced joy through our lives and gradually experienced other emotions as well. As we progressed to the movie, it made clear that as we grow adults, we are supposed to experience emotions simultaneously to maximize happiness. This is pictured by the upgraded control system which Riley has, where all emotions have their own control panel, not main control panel. There is an addition button called “Puberty” which indicates that Riley is going through phase of changing from kids to teenager.

Prioritizing Positivity

Riley has five main core memories, which is the factors of prioritizing positivity. There are playing hockey, goofball, spending time with friends, truth, and hanging out with her parents. These core memories each represent an island, which I think symbolize huge memory base.

Prioritizing positivity is an act deliberately carrying out to trigger memory about things that we personally enjoy in our lives. Lahna Catalino, a researcher from University of California, wrote a fabulous essay about it on Greater Good blog. She suggest three steps on how we can achieve happiness through prioritizing positivity:

  1. Don’t think into extremes. Self-help books, motivators, seminars many times have black and white emotions, and only regard positivity as the main factors to happiness. We live in a world which is not black and white, but also deep gray and plentiful of colors, so hoping that every day we only fill our lives with only Joy will make us suffer as the movie described how Joy will have to dominate other feelings but unable to do that. It’s unrealistic, and not healthy. Just accept the fact that emotions are there to guide us and to learn to know ourselves.
  2. Remember when you feel happy. Remembering you feel happy is very personalized. You must aware of things that can make you happy. Maybe writing a diary or a blog like this one is helpful to record things that makes you happy. If you can’t think of any, Lahna suggests two main activities, romantic things and sports.
  3. Schedule. Spread out your positivity through the week so you can experience it every single day, even only a factor of it. Make it social to make it more intense and you will not miss it.

In conclusion, prioritizing positivity is a helpful guide to embrace our emotions and letting go instead of hoping for only positivity comes into our lives. Experience live to the fullest extends, not just artificial lives with “The Secrets” vibrations into it.

Modern Monasticism: Community


Monasticism is described as a religious living style, which is limited to community with the same interest and same gender. It’s a way of living outside of life itself, where they form a new order just to getaway from distraction: romantic life and fun.

Although it’s been centuries since the first monasticism where people with the same religion gather under the same roof and share all the things they have, in order word: communism, but modern monasticism is also found everywhere, of course with connection to the world, not isolated into a particular geographic location.

If older monasticism prevents any social contact with the world, then modern monasticism is different. They not only have a connection to the outside world, but also they also allow romantic relationship and not under the same roof.

But the rule of monasticism is still applied. They have leaders to bring forth the rules, and followers who have the same interest to follow the rules.

Modern monasticism is even better than older because it helps people to connect with other people with the same interest, often times business. It helps to eliminate distraction, to stay focus and get help from other people in the community. That is why it’s so beneficial to social world and still alive in the modern world.

Business relationship has become evolve in this modern world, where not many can gather as often as used to be, and can only be found online. Although digital appearance is more intense now than before, physical appearance will always there to meet up with other people and talk about business, eventhough they also talk about it online.

Monasticism is a cure for boredom and a way to getaway from the busy life, where we often distracted by many things and stressed out because of things that we cannot handle. We can get advice and share the things we face to other people in the community and get along. This is a great example of monasticism in modern world, which we should nourish and care about. You might get great benefit from it, by not disconnecting the world, but focusing in your community.

Acting on Bad Faith


I remembered years ago when I joined an MLM company. They taught me how to handle rejections. The best way to handle rejections is by calling them maximum to seven times until they said NO on all of the attempts. God knows, maybe they are going to accept the invitations when we ask hard enough.

Most of us, feeling that we are behind the bars, in jail. The world seems to be a big giant jail for all of us. Humanity seems nothing compared to other stars in the galaxy, billions away from Earth.

When we are presented to business opportunity, many times we feel that we are in jail, limiting our own choices. We said that we can’t do it, we are not smart enough, we are not skilled enough, etc.

It’s easier to just accept the job and limiting our choices and happy with it than exploring new territory with unarmed weapon. This is, acting on bad faith.

Bad Faith

Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir said that we are often acting on bad faith when we are presented a sheer pressure from society and have to accept false value and disregard our own freedom. This way we act unauthentically, the opposite of bad faith is authentic.

The philosophers said that this is self deception, which limiting our choice where it should be free.

People who are in a jail are the same as the one that are not in jail.
People who are rich are the same as the one who are poor.

If you can’t think of it, lets examine what choices a person who are behind the bar:

  1. They can continue to live to pass the time and finally out of jail.
  2. They can kill themselves by suicide.
  3. Or they can escape.

Our choices might be limited, but others who are not in jail are also have limited choice. They can run, but they cannot fly. Sure they can use an airplane, but they themselves cannot fly like a bird.

Our choices are limited, but we are free. Free to make our own choices as we are not behind the bars. Only your mind are behind the bar, so break free.

I know it sounds cheesy, but I like this song which illustrate how we can break free:

You Think You Can, But You Can’t

you think you can, but you can't

When I watched the YouTube video about Descartes philosohpy on Mind, Body and Soul connection, I was thinking: You think you can, but you can’t.

Descartes shows us that we cannot make our body act according to our mind directly, but with the permission of the body. We can’t control many things in our body, for example: we can’t control how our heart beat, our blood flow, and even how we breathe.

Here’s the lecture I was referring to:

It’s a long lecture. It’s quite funny how YouTube comment can’t accept this philosophy and the lecturer just shoo them and basically telling them if they can’t accept others point of view, they need not to learn about philosophy. Right hit on the nail.

Descartes mentioned about soul, which was translated into electricity that travels across our body. Descartes uses “animal spirit” in order to demonstrate this. Our modern world no longer believes any animal spirit, so electricity is used to simplify the process. Other things he skipped about is the way health back there was mentioned.

So, first thing I remembered about this lecture is how we perceived things. Through our senses, comes into our body and send it to our mind. This will be processed in the brain and translated into emotions.

The body can send information to itself and to the soul/mind and vice versa, the mind can also send information to itself and to the body.

However, I think the mind cannot directly command the body. The body is acting as a robot, which implant the gene that passed through generations. It has many reasons why it doesn’t want to be interrupted by the mind so it must be why evolution occured, less and less for our control and more robotic and mechanical is our world has become.

The body cannot tell the difference between the truth and the lies, and cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is not. They can only interpret based on what our senses are. For example, a blind man who cannot see will not see a hole in front of him and avoid it, unless he uses other senses to locate the hole. A man who can see can see the hole and tell the body to avoid it.

This makes free will obselete and predestination is more of a favor for Descartes. So, in essence, you think you can, but you can’t if your body doesn’t allow it.

Innovate or Die

innovate or die

There’s an advert for a car, a brand…let’s call it Toyota. Obvious, isn’t it hehe? Toyota has long applied to the Innovate or Die principle, which they build a car with minimum security, comfort, and let it sell on the market. If it does sell, then they gradually decrease the quality of the interior and other area, and sell it with higher price.

It works, so why fix a business model that has been working for years? Well, there’s one thing. Competitors. The only way competitors to disturb the market of Toyota is by making a better car. Of course they have to sell it a bit higher than Toyota, but it’s a great deal for car enthusiasts. When the market of Toyota disrupted and reduced, it’s time for Toyota to “Innovate” by putting the stuff they didn’t want to put in the first place, such as air bags, side beam, start push button, or even immobilizer. And of course, with huge brand image such as Toyota, they would sell with price that even higher than their competitor that has been disrupting their market slice.

I guess we can to copy this to the internet marketing principle, by using Innovate or Die strategy which applied to Toyota to how we respond to our competitors. When we are going to disrupt a competitor, we can make even better product, but with higher price so it will perceived to be better. Or lower to gain more sales in the end.

When we have become bigger brand, we can reduce the quality of the product and sell it even higher. Our customers might not notice immediate and responded to that, but in a micro niche, I think this is feasible where people don’t have other alternative which works and get great support.

Sometimes, in the end, the quality of the product can be diminished by improving customer support and longtime relationship with the customers.

But again, profit might rise or we will soon die because of the nature of the competition nowadays is fiercer because the barrier of entry is very low to be on the internet. By using facebook, twitter, youtube and even a blog, any people can put their product presence on the net just by a snap of a finger.

Ignorance is Bliss. But bliss is Boring

ignorance is blss

Ignorance is Bliss. Is it?

I remembered when I went to our favorite restaurant for a dinner with my wife. Usually we go to the restaurant for launch, not when it is dark. They have many selections of great food. They tasted great, but I think Paradox of Choice applies.

The restaurant has too many selections of food. Paradox of Choice told us that if many things can be chosen, we tend to choose what’s on popular. In other word, herd mentality. However, when we choose other than popular, the restaurant makes even more money because they are using ingredients that are not frequently used.

So, we chose favorite or popular menu based on the logic. However, when presented the food, we quickly ate it and notice something really strange.

Rats are running around the floor. It was not very crowded, so not many visitors were paying attention other than food. I wonder why people are going upstairs instead in the bottom floor. Now I know why.

Rats even seen climbing on the roof. This made our appetite vanished. So we quickly ate and leave the restaurant and vowed never come again.

What’s the point of this experience?

First of all. Paradox of Choice always applies on picking things because of too many choices. You must choose the most popular because they are always fresher than the one that’s not popular on the list. Especially when choosing foods and perishable goods.

Second of all. Herd mentality sometimes is a blessing. You should question why people are going upstairs instead of on the first floor. Because of rats!

Third of all, Ignorance is Bliss. But bliss is boring. We might already know the paradox of choice and herd mentality, but ignorance of something going on the kitchen, how dirty it is to prepare the food, or the fact that rats running around when we ate…are not boring.

Truth hurts, but we cannot live without experiencing pain.

Luck in Business Decoded

luck in businessAs many people says, luck is when opportunity meets preparation. There’s a lot of truth in there, for example if you don’t ready when the opportunity comes, how can you do it if you don’t have the skill?

Problem with Luck in Business

However, I had some little problem with luck in business. If we haven’t already because there is no preparation, how come an event can be called an opportunity in the first place? We just skip it because it doesn’t interest us and because we cannot do it.

Many people only see what they want to see, so there are many hidden objects out there. Often the hidden things are the one to look out for, but unfortunately for the lack of skills or resource, we often miss them and not count them as an opportunity.

Opportunity will come and go, but it is our choice to receive it or not.

Daniel Kahneman once said that when you group many success people together, you will only get LUCK as their primary similarities.

Luck is defined as characteristic that derives from gene, that cannot be changed. I personally don’t believe it because luck can be trained.

Google Engineer Barnaby James writes on his blog, saying that skill will put you more bets on the table, but will not guarantee the results.

Of course I also don’t agree that luck is comparable to gambling. Gambling will take away your luck because of mathematical success. Gambling is conditioned by the machine as it will grant rewards after certain probability. But luck, is more complex than that.

I personally regard luck with the quantum theory, which states that if we interact with the system, it will change. So there is no way to get exact event in the future and knowing that it will happen.

This is very frustrating. Why take chances if it will not happen?

Luck in Business Decoded

Perhaps the most accurate way to describe it is by learning from Taylor Swift on her smah hit song “Shake It Off”

We just have to shake it off when bad things come, embrace it and go on to search for the working one, a.k.a the luck one.

So in nutshell, in an indifference world…we work, go home, get salary then spend it and go to work again…we have to life the life to fully accept the things that we cannot have meaningful life, so why not searching a better one, even it’s only an illusion?

At least we have a legacy to pass the knowledge on the next generation.

A New Home

a new home

It’s my new home. It is really exciting on moving on to a new home, new hosting and start from scratch. Let Google be the one to witness this moving out, so we can discussing all the things that come into our mind, together.

I remember how it felt when we moved to a new house, it was so exciting because we used to live in an apartment. So when we bought a new home, the feeling was priceless.

Although the feeling wouldn’t last long because we need to pack and unpack the things we had in the apartment. Luckily, the distance between old apartment and our new house is not very far away, so moving out was a bliss.

The first thing when we move in was to schedule all the things we need to do, instead of just leaving all the things unpacked.

As the new blog, here’s my list:

Consistent Writings

I will consistently write on this blog, although I have more issue and work to do. I will spend some time nurturing and make connections to my readers. Of course it wouldn’t happen overnight, but rather a long journey I can’t wait to experience.

No Limits

I won’t limit any categories of writings, instead I just write whatever things that came into my mind. I’d say that’s the purest way to writing new things. Exploring and trying all sort of things that came into my brain.

What I Love

I will share my experience about love, relationships, science, astronomy and even philosophy. I also love watching movies, reading books and novel.

Books and Movie Reviews

Ocassionally I watch movie on Netflix and read books online. I don’t read physical books that often because of my schedule that needs to behind computers all day long. But if I had a chance, I’d go to bookstore and buy some book and will tell you anything interesting about it and how I perceived it to be used in a real life. I love getting things not literally, but the hidden meaning of them.

So there you go, I’ll leave the rest to be decided later on as I will busy preparing things for this blog from now on.

Stay tuned and stay strong! Love Lanke